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Based in the Capital - NEW DELHI, our knowledge and focus on events is our first hand on ground learning that motivates our team and empowers them with the best of each state's culture ,cuisine and exotic venues that we can relatively innovate and touch every clients Heart and Soul by Making there day as special as possible.

With Destination Weddings becoming more popular in India, and many more people wanting to enjoy the special ceremony out station, just with their close friends and family members; we take it as our responsibility to be able to cater to every clients need individually and be able to execute a perfect fairytale experience.


 Thankfully, India is a blend of the best exotic 

and beautiful locations that one can think off for the most special occasion of a person's life with charm and an incredible magnificence. So, whether you love the beach or the palaces, the mountains or the forts, India has all of it to make your marriage ceremony an unforgettable event. 

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